Todays day

Today is a bad day. My red week just started and it hurt so horrible. // Today we wanted to drive to our caravan on the camping Kon-Tiki. I thought my Bestie Viki may go there too but she doesnt. I dont want to go there without her. So I said to my mother that I wanna stay home. In fact it was the way I started an argument. Its so freaky! She threw a chair to me and it hit my head. I dont know how long I layed on the floor but alright. I went to Viki and when I sat on her chair I started crying as much as I can. After that we went outside and she threw ice-snow on me :D Thats why I love her: If Ive got a bad day, she helps me that its going to be a good day. // But now while Im writing I feel lonely and empty and I know that today is the day I start cutting again my stomache. Wish me some good luck that Im not going to kill myself! // Cu.. *Y*

25.1.15 18:49


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