My life in moment

Do you know that feeling whether you don’t wanna live? Each day, each moment. My life is like a drowning. I feel like I was put in a chest and a person I really love threw it in the sea. If I talk to someone, nobody could understand me because they don’t feel the way I do. It’s very hard to handle but I make it. // I love my Bestie Viki so much. She is the girl who holds me alive now. If she has been gone, I’d die. She is the girl accepting me the way I am. I smoke, I cut, I drink alcohol. The ‘normal’ teenie life :D // Right in moment I’ve got an argument with many goodies of me. They’re talking behind the back of Viki and me. I came behind it and then I told it Viki. You know? I am a liar. That throws me back to the razors! Let me die. Please! // Cu then.. *Y*

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